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Post  Undead Brad on Sun Sep 08, 2013 5:57 am

Created by Fusion Modulation H.Q.

Though Fuse is the main enemy threatening the world, the battle between the Heroes and Villains had not been dropped so easily. This battle has now been influenced and sent to the soldiers of the war. Picking a side for whatever reason the negative emotions of mistrust and hate have now spread to the soldiers in this war, being recognized by their differences through gear and their nanocom statuses of Hero and Villain. This has also created a bitter rivalry between the two sides, adding an extra boost to the soldiers morale and enthusiasm in their missions in order to pass the other team. But the main concern on some heroes and villains minds is what happens after the war. Will they head into another war amongst themselves or will something worse occur?
*You must pick a side and depending on what side you pick whom you work with is also decided.

The Heroes- Obvious by the name you side with the heroes. You fight to protect those who can’t protect themselves, and uphold truth and justice. Though some people amongst the rank of the Heroes have gone down the wrong path by doing some things worthy of being called a villain, such as taking a life. Your main job is protecting people and facing evil wherever it may lie.

The Neutral- You don’t pick either side, wishing to concentrate on Fuse and defeat him and his army. You are however, looked down by both sides for different reasons. Heroes still associate with you and when creating friendships are wary of you due to the possibility of you being a spy. The Villains see you as weak and someone they can step on. They rarely associate with you and your kin due to the possibility of you being a spy but use you, bribing you with large sums of money to do various jobs that The Heroes would thwart if one of their own would try to do the assignment.

The Villains- You fight for the side of evil. Crimes that range from petty thievery to domination of the world, your reasons are your own and treachery and deceit are commonplace among your kin. You may wish to ascend the ladder of villainy by betraying your teachers, comrades, and dearest friends alike or maybe you’ve been hurt and wish for payback against the world or specific hero or villain who caused you harm in some way. Whatever the reason you may see The Villains as a family, friends, or just pawns. Your main job, achieve your goals and crushing and manipulating people along the way.
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