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OC Character Creation!

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OC Character Creation! Empty OC Character Creation!

Post  Undead Brad on Sun Sep 08, 2013 6:07 am

Hello all new RPers! Make sure you have read the rules before you come onto here.

Since you've read the rules and now know everything let's get started!

This will be my OC that I want to be in the RP:

Name: Katie Amador

Age: 16 (about to turn 17)

Ethnicity: White

Race: Human

Origins: Magic

Powers: School of Aero

Wind Manipulation: She can manipulate the wind currents to propel her body, or help her dodge making her very agile. (Low)
Aero-Shield: She can create a bubble of wind around her that will deflect most objects (unless they are extremely heavy.). (Medium)
Tornado Blast: Creates a miniature tornado (Around the same height as the person.) that will charge at the foe and send it flying around 3 feet. (Low/Medium/High Depends on how big the person/object is.)
Wind Blast: A strong blast of wind charges at the person/object and sometimes will knock their weapons out of the hands and create cuts from the strong wind currents and will knock the object out of the way. (High)
Wind Spirits: Katie can form little spirits that will do her bidding for 1 day (Only used for small stuff.) (Low)

Appearance: Katie is around 5' 2'', weighs 98 pounds, and has long, curly chocolate brown hair with streaks of blonde and has two different colored eyes, the right one being a silver color and the other being an emerald green. She is always wearing her fingerless gloves that her grandmother gave to her before she passed away. She also wears a T-Shirt with a Hello Kitty face, normal blue jeans, and hunting boots.

Weaknesses: She cannot support many heavy things due to her fragile frame. She can easily be taken down by another Aero Magic User, since she is still learning (She will sometimes miss her target and hit someone else.) She is extremely weak against other Magic Users that control more solid attacks (EX: Geo.). She also cannot use any weapon of type because she does not like harming anyone unless angered or ordered to.

Strengths: She is proved to be very quick and agile (Though somewhat clumsy in a way.) She can surprise the enemy by attacking from the sky. She is also very talented in music (Specifically in the Flute.)

Personality: Katie is a very kind and loving person and will laugh at any joke, funny or not. She is always trying to be on the positive side. She is always trying to cheer people up if they feel a bit down and loves animals and children. Though she is struggling a bit to grasp her full potential in her powers she is very confident in herself. She gets angered easily when someone hurts her friend or animal/child, causing her to become reckless in fighting. Though she does like to make friends she does not have many due to her shyness. She also cannot stand the sight of blood which is why she hates fighting and never really wanted to train in her powers.

History: At a the age 15 Katie discovered that her family came from an ancient magical bloodline that specialized in the arts of Aero. After discovering this her parents knew it was time to send her off to a private school to train with a trainer named, Ron Arik. Ron soon became very angered one year later when he found out that she wasn't training in her magic but in the flute. He quickly kicked her out of the school and left her in the streets with only a couple thousand Taros to spare. She would mostly go to the Townsville Park to practice her flute and training herself to become better in the ways of Aero.

Nanos: No, unfortunately.

Now I will have to have Oliver and Undelos accept it. Once she is accept I can go in the RP Universe.
Undead Brad
Undead Brad

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OC Character Creation! Empty Re: OC Character Creation!

Post  zerowing23 on Sun Oct 13, 2013 1:20 pm

Brad, please stop using the character creation sheet from fmhq and come up with your own. *sorry for going off the handle on this since its probably something that I shouldn't be getting riled up about.


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OC Character Creation! Empty Re: OC Character Creation!

Post  Taluring on Mon Oct 21, 2013 1:21 pm

Um....I guess I should apologize for this as well.
I would have definitely credited the FusionMOD boards for this If I hadn't forgotten.

If this got more popular I would have definitely put it in there.

Sorry Zero.

OC Character Creation! TaluringSig2

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OC Character Creation! Empty Re: OC Character Creation!

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