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Post  Undead Brad on Tue Sep 10, 2013 5:34 am


"Are those what I think they are?" Pyro looked up as the Texan stood over them, guitar in hand, his eyebrows raised at the joined object sat in Pyro's lap.

"Yush." Pyro tapped one of the bongo drums lightly, the resounding thud making Engie smile at the excitable firebug. Pyro frantically gestured to the seat beside it, practically pulling Engie down as soon as it got a hold of his sleeve.

"Okay, okay, what's got you so excited flames?" He shuffled in his seat, getting comfortable before placing his guitar gently against his chair.

"We chan phlay toghether!" Engie shook his head good-naturedly at the suited mercenary, pulling his guitar back into his lap and strumming it slightly to test his tuning. When replied with a soft note, he smiled happily, giving his guitar a loving pat as response.

"You got a song in mind, Smoky?" He looked up, almost starting as he saw his own light blue eyes reflected in the glass of Pyro's eye pieces.

"Hmm. Dhu yhu believe in mhagic?" Engie snorted as he recalled the song in his head, the upbeat number by The Lovin' Spoonful, a favourite band of his. The hit was relatively new; of course Pyro would choose that. It just happened that Engineer knew the chords to that song, although messy, still visible in his head.

"Sure thing Py. You gonna bongo through it?" Engie knew the answer to that question; he just wanted to hear Pyro's adorable response.

"Yush! We chan get Shpy to be on mharacas!" Pyro clapped their gloved hands giddily, not noticing the soft look in Engie's eyes die out.

"Py, we don't have any Maracas. I'm sorry." Pyro shook their head at the Texan, placing the bongo drums on the seat beside them before taking off towards their room, leaving Engie alone in the mess hall. When Engie was about to go find Pyro, they burst into the room, four maracas in hand.

Engie raised his eyebrows, one hand on hip.

"Where did ya get them?" Pyro gestured wildly down the corridor, where storage was.

"In shtorage! There's lhoads of h'instruments h'in there!" Engie laughed lightly, pointing to the maracas.

"Ya know, you could get another person on the maracas." Pyro seemed to get happier (if that was possible), and took off down the corridor, muffled cries coming from the filter.

"SHPY, SHNIPER!" Engie grinned evilly. They weren't getting away this time.

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