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Post  Undead Brad on Sun Sep 08, 2013 12:58 pm

Unlisted Mann Co. Headquarters

It had been so many years since the RED and BLU corporations went to a war for a cause long since forgotten, even by the two elderly men responsible. When the bloodshed grew to great levels, there was a meeting staged between two very powerful men. It would be an uneasy state of affairs, being they had been at war for so long. In a dimly lit room, furnished with only a round table, chairs, and walls of television screens, there sat two old figures. One was wearing a blue suit attached to a large life-sustaining machine, the other donning a red suit while clutching a glowing golden bar.

"It has been too long, Blutarch." Said the red suited man.

"Yes it has, Redmond." The blue suited man replied.

"We've been at this for so many years," Redmond stated. "And all for fighting for our dearly departed father's will."

"And even after witnessing death after death by these nine disgruntled mercenaries," Blutarch rasped. "We've all but lost interest in this idle conflict."

"We've given them new guns, blades, machines, tasks, and hats!" Redmond paused for a bit. "Come to think of it, whose idiotic idea was it to allow Mann Co. to sell damn hats to mercenaries?" After a long pause of thought, both the brothers sighed in unison.

"Saxton Hale…." The Australian Chuck Norris superior had been running Mann Co. with his numerous crazed ideas that somehow make the RED vs. BLU battles more entertaining.

"Beside the point," Blutarch interjected. "We need something to keep things lively, until we come to an agreement on this affair."

"We won't leave this room until we've come to a conclusion, right brother?" No response. "Blutarch?" Redmond glanced at the machinery hooked up to his brother, and saw the heart rate monitor had stopped. Redmond pulled out his pocket watch and waited about fifteen seconds before the shock jolt revived the still corpse. Lightening surged as Blutarch screamed.

"Dad says 'hi'." He joked after recovering from the shock. "And how are we going to come up with anything, for we are aged men who still can't decide on who gets what after a century of war!"

"Allow me to help." Said a mysterious man with an English accent. The Mann brothers turned and saw a peculiar man standing by the door. He was wearing a complete black suit, had a wide brimmed black hat, black gloves, a black cape, a red tie with the initials "ZS" embedded, a thick black beard/mustache, and an eye-patch over his left eye.

"How the hell did you get in?!" Blutarch shouted.

"This is a secure, unlisted location." Redmond roared.

"Let me be the answer to your problems gentlemen." The man said. He stepped to the table and placed nine files onto the table, each with an individual picture of the mercenaries on them.

"Why do you have info on our mercenaries?" Both brothers queried.

"Let me ask you both a question," the man said. "Do the Respawners carry the DNA of all the classes to use them?" Both the Mann brothers looked at each other, thinking that it was bizarre the man was asking the most obvious question in the world.

"How do you think we get complete reconstruction of their bodies?" Redmond snorted.

"Then I have the perfect solution." The man pulled out a tenth file and tossed it to Blutarch. "Let's consider it a bit of a freaky cloning experiment." After skimming through the file, a wide grin spread across the withered Blutarch's face.

"Get a load of this, Red-boy." He slid the file to Redmond, who carefully read through the contents of the file. A smile quickly cracked across Redmond's aged face.

"This might be crazy enough…" Redmond started.

"To just might work." Blutarch finished. Both men turned to the mysterious man, and began thanking him.

"Think nothing of it." The man casually walked to the door, exiting the room to the brother's privacy. Aside from him sticking his head back in for one last note. "Oh, and you two should probably think of who your next of kin shall be." The man left, and Redmond pressed the intercom button.

"Yes?" asked the crabby voice of the Administrator. "What do you two want?"

"Recalibrate the Respawners to send genetically altered DNA to the laboratories." Redmond ordered. "We've got something special planned."

"Yeah, whatever." The Administrator left to order Miss Pauling to change the Respawners. The two bothers glanced happy faces at each other, as if there were no consequences to their freaky devices.
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