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Post  Undead Brad on Sun Sep 08, 2013 11:48 am

Chapter One: The Scout

The air crackled with tension. A million eyes were on Nate- or at least it felt that way. He simply had to make this last run. And if he didn't, the team would beat the daylights out of him, not to mention his brothers…. No. That wasn't a possibility. At least now he'd get a little respect. He could see it. The pitcher's arm tensed up, and…

Before he had a chance to swing with all his might, a well-dressed, handsome man with a bushy mustache carrying a brick red briefcase strolled onto the field, as if this were any other day. The batter, furious with the nerve of this guy, dashed with incredible speed and grabbed the man by the shoulder. "Who do you think you are, just coming in here like you're some sort of-" he managed to burst out, before the mysterious man clamped a firm hand over the batter's mouth. "Well, well!" clucked the man. "If it isn't feisty little Nathan Mercury. I'm sorry to interrupt your incredibly important Little League game, but I've been looking for you. And thanks for showing me that dash of yours. I was worried that it was a myth… No matter. I need you to do me a favor. It'll be worth your while. In fact, if you agree, you'll be receiving, in cold, hard cash, a sum of…" The man paused, then bent over and whispered in Nate's ear. Nate's eyes practically bugged out of his head, but he regained his composure and nodded enthusiastically.

Two hours later….

Nate was riding in a black limousine with his window opened, the chilly wind nipping at his face. The man had introduced himself as Redmond Mann, but hadn't said much else. They had taken several obscure backstreets, and were now cruising at a steady pace through the Massachusetts wilderness. Nate opened his mouth to say something- anything- but the words seemed to die in his throat, only adding to the awkward silence. Finally, Redmond eased up on the gas pedal, allowing the car to come to a gentle stop on the side of the backstreet. "Do you know why I've brought you here?" Redmond asked, finally breaking the barrier of silence that had been plaguing the ride. Nate tried to say something, but all that came out was a sound that sounded embarrassingly like a squeak. Redmond turned around to face Nate, stroking his mustache eagerly. "I've brought you here because I am the owner of a gravel company named Reliable Excavation and Demolition, or RED."

Nate looked quite confused. "What do I have to do with freakin' gravel? I'm a batter, not a miner!" he demanded.

Redmond furrowed his brow. "Exactly right, Nathan. Do you know that there is another gravel company, this one named Builders League United?"

Nate snorted. "Look, buddy. I don't pay attention to gravel. I pay attention to-"

Redmond clamped a strong hand over Nate's mouth, effectively shutting him up. "Yes, yes. I know. You pay attention to your silly little baseball. Anyway, this company, BLU, happens to be owned by my brother." Redmond paused, as if expecting a response, but his hand was still firmly clamped over Nate's mouth. "I want nothing more than to take over his company. Would you be willing to help me with this?" Redmond asked, finally releasing his grip on Nate.

Nate blinked. "First of all, OUCH. Cut your nails, man. Second of all, I really don't understand what you want with me."

Redmond sighed. "Let me put this in a way your thirteen-year-old mind can comprehend. How'd you like to own a gun?"

Nate's face slowly but surely broke into a grin. "Go on…"
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