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The Do's and Don'ts

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The Do's and Don'ts

Post  Undead Brad on Sun Sep 08, 2013 5:59 am

The Basic Do's and Don'ts of RolePlay
Created by Fusion Modulation H.Q.

Powers: This is a major no. We do not want powers ripped from any character since it won't feel original. Like a flame user using like six powers from fairy tail. Also, do not take signature moves from another character and use it as your own. Obviously we'll be able to backtrack them to the original character given the fact that they are the character's signature move (Ex: Sasuke's Sharigan (this also applies to looks, btw) or Zatch's Zakeru).

Looks: If you have your character look exactly like say Naruto, that's a no. Even something like the eyes from another series won't be tolerated.

Backstories: For the love of God, please be original. Do not just take a background from an already made character and claim it as your own. Obviously by this point, backgrounds are going to be similar. Here's an example of a no-no:
Example: "[Character] lost [his/her] parents when [he/she] was only 8. Since then, [he/she] grew up to a broody millionaire after inheriting [his/her] parent's money and used it to become a vigilantee over a rather terrible city.

Obviously, you can see the Batman in it. Here's an example of a backstory with Batman as a reference.
Example: "[Character] had lost [his/her] parents at a young age. Since then, [he/she] grew up with a distrust of people, never allowing people to get too close in a fear that [he/she] would lose them like [he/she] lost their parents. [He/she] grew protective of children, however, and vowed to never let another child grow up without a parent just like [he/she] did.

Personality: We don't want to see an original character that has an exact same personality as another. Like how Susake act in demeanor or how someone like Italy acts in Hetalia. They need to be their own person.
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