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How to prevent really annoying OCs

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How to prevent really annoying OCs

Post  Undead Brad on Sun Sep 08, 2013 5:58 am

How to prevent really annoying OCs
Created by Fusion Modulation H.Q.

Well this has come up recently and we want to prevent anyone from being left out of the RP because of this. If an OC is really really annoying, it will turn a person off and thus that OC will not have many interactions.

Ways to fix or to prevent this from happening.

1) Character development can be used to change the character in a positive way, even if that character is evil. It has to be done so that the annoyingness factor drops.

2) Don't suddenly decide to have a character act differently to just annoy RPCs, even if its you trying to get something from them.. That will backfire and result in that RPC not liking you or helping you from then on. If its a RPC you already hate, that is a different story.

3) Do not attempt to pull off a Princess; imitators never work.

4) Do not have your OC be a know-it-all. They are annoying and will find themselves kicked eventually. Note: know-it-alls and intellectuals are two separate things, so please know the difference.

I will add more as I think of them.
Undead Brad

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Re: How to prevent really annoying OCs

Post  Taluring on Sun Sep 08, 2013 6:01 am

Though it was only Mary and Gary-stu's to watch out for...

who knew.


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