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Rules and stuff for RP if it becomes a thing.

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Rules and stuff for RP if it becomes a thing. Empty Rules and stuff for RP if it becomes a thing.

Post  Undead Brad on Sun Sep 08, 2013 5:12 am

RolePlay Rules

NOTE: These rules were made by the FMHQ community so I give them full credit for all of this.


Here are rules and other important things you need to know for the RP. These will help you create characters as well.

This guideline is to inform you about the world of RP that has been created. The rules of the RP are the following:

Normal Rules

Treat CN characters and OC NPCs with respect; you don’t want others to lash out at you when they are angry, do you?

Do NOT make another account for a OC. Your regular account is what you use to post with while you RP. There is no need to make another account. An account made for just your OC will be deleted.

Taros: Taros and other forms of currency are used in the this universe of the RP. Most are about equal in value.

Weapon Boosts: No weapon boosts are in this RP.

No god modding. It means trying to take over and say something happened to another character when it hasn’t. For more on god modding, check here. If you god-mod, an RP Coordinator will either ask you to change it or the Coordinator will change it themselves and place in the editting box why it was editted.

Do not let your OC be a Sue. This is pretty much when your OC is not getting hurt or being able to do anything. To see how to avoid a Sue, check here.

There are no resurrect’ems. It’s a game element and not used in the RP. Only way to revive from death is by a nano and Grim will not bring you back but if a certain amount of time has passed since your death you cannot be revived. There are a few objects that might be able to bring you back as well.

No one is allowed to be a child of Fuse, of Fusions, of Fusion Monsters, nor are they allowed to contain some sort of Fusion material in their body. Just no family ties to Fuse, got it? No connections to magical creatures. This isn’t Twilight, Harry Potter, Teen Wolf. Also, no raised by animal things either. This isn't the Jungle Book. This is FusionFall.

If you want a CN/OC relationship, please ask the RP Coordinators if it is allowed first. Go here for the list of current relationships and to ask for a relationship.

A main OC can be no younger than 5 and no older than 86 (this is for humans; the oldest age for an alien or demon is near unlimited, but they can't be immortal, so be reasonable; Imaginary Friends can be considered younger than 5 as long as they do not look at act younger than 5). Side OCs like family can be at any age.

Please use proper grammar; if you don't, it'll be hard for people to know what you're writing.

Family Rules

If you plan on connecting your OC to a current RPC, please be reasonable in the backstory. Do not just insert the character and assume they've been in the RP for forever. We're nearly hitting our one year anniversery, so a lot of things have happened recently, which means that you can't just insert a character. Insert your OC appropriately. For instance, if your OC is a cousin to someone, have that cousin be new to the area. This is a great way to introduce them.

Families that you cannot be connected to (immediate):
• Utonium Family
• Saturday Family
• Bagge Family
• Tennyson Family
• Hex's Family
• Agent Six
• Holiday's Family
• Uno's Family
• Gilligan's Family
• Rowdyruff's Family
• Salazar's Family
• The Mayor
• Finn, Flame Princess, Princess Bubblegum, Jake, LSP, Marcy
• Irwin Family
• Foster Family (Madame Foster, Frankie)
• Cul-de-Sac Family (minus Rolf)
• Kanker Family
• McPherson Family
• Astronomov Family
• Him
• Aku

Drain Rules

Drain has an effect on all beings and can sap a major portion of a person’s power and energy. First discovered by Holden during combat against Tessa, drain is now seen as a major weakness to everyone. Someone like the puffs take three to four drain hits before they are unable to use any powers. The number of hits depends on the person and recovery from drain can ranged from a day or so to weeks. Drain is an automatic hit, you cannot avoid it. Only specific RPCs can use drain. OCs must ask RP Coordinators if its okay to use drain.
There are exceptions to who can be drained or not. The ones who cannot be drained are:

• Aku- He is a formless evil, and can only be affected by Magic. If an attempt on a drain was to happen, the user would receive a backlash that could place them in coma or even kill them.
• The Lich- Since he is a powerful undead wizard, there is no "energy" to drain from him, since he is not technically living. If an attempt occurs, the user could be heavily wounded, or die.
• Grim- He's death, which means he has no energy to be drained. Unlike the others, if a user attempts a drain on him, the user will die from the backlash.
• Him- He may or may no represent the devil, but he is (as quoted) "so sinister, so evil, so scary, so horribly vile" that energy drawn from him will backlash onto the user, resulting in near-death to death.
• Eris- She is a goddess, which means a drain brought about by human or alien conventions will be non effective on her. Unlike the others, if there is an attempt, the backlash will simply knock out the person for a day.
OC Character Creation Sheet.
Name: Obviously, names are important. This is a requirement. Even if the name is an alias of some sort, it is still needed to identify your character. Please avoid very common names that are used by pre-existing OC's or RPCs (unless they have a nickname that can be used).

Age: Again, something important.

Appearance: We at least need to know what they look like

Ethnicity: What ethnic group are they? This pertains mostly to Humans, Magic Users, or EVOs (if they are of Earthian decent). For Aliens and Imaginary Friends (since they are obviously aliens and therefore do not have the same ethnicity categories as Earth does and Imaginary Friends can be anything), place what their skin color is.

Race (If your OC is an alien): This category is more towards Aliens. If you are an EVO, you can place that here.

Allegiance: Are you fighting for the Good Guys? The Villains? Or are you a Neutral?
Origins: Obviously, this is what your OC is. Is your OC an EVO, Alien, Magic User, or Human?

Powers: If you are an EVO, Alien or Magic User, please state your power. Along with this, please list and describe what their attacks are, and how powerful said attacks are. Do not put down powers if your OC is a human.

Strengths: By strength we mean are they go in any subjects or do they have any special skills. Not the physical strength of your character; 3 are mandatory.
Weaknesses: By weakness, we mean what are they bad at, or what can be a weakness to their powers? 3 are mandatory.

Personality: Yes, this is a new category, but it's helpful to your OC and for others who are looking up your OC to gauge who to interact with your OC. You don't have to put full sentences, but describe your OC's personality.

History: Make this as detailed as possible. You don't have to make it very long, but it needs to have a lot of substance to it. If your history is abstract or has very little, you will be told to edit it.
Do you use nanos: Only Humans are allowed to have Nanos, no if ands or buts.


Example time!

Name: Amber Ignis
Age: 20
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Race: EVO
Allegiance: Good Guys; specifically, Providence
Origins: EVO
Powers: Fire. She can control and create fire.
Fire Balls: Amber has the ability to create fire balls and send them at her opponent. Level: Medium
Fire Blast: Amber sends a blast of fire and heat at her opponent. Level: Medium
Heat: If in a cold area, Amber can transfer heat outwards, warming up her immediate area. At the same time, she's able to withstand extreme heats (minus things like coming in contact with lava or the sun). Level: Low
Burning: She can set things on fire with a touch. If she touches skin, she can give them a first degree burn but nothing higher. She can also use this ability to boil solid surfaces, including Fusion skin (though she keeps this to a minimum because the melting goo sticks to her hand for some time). Level: Low-Medium
Strengths: Amber is not affected by fevers or being burned by things like a stove or even hot water. She's also skilled in chemistry and hand-to-hand combat.
Weaknesses: Amber cannot come within contact of cold water on her skin; this means no pools, ponds, lakes, river, oceans, seas, etc. She's terrible at gauging a person's feelings. She can't use a weapon to save her life.
Personality: Amber may seem cold and unfeeling, but she's actually quite nice once you get to know her. She's head strong and won't give up till she's hurt and/or dead. She doesn't take well to people bossing her around. She's smart and tactical and keeps her cool in battles, though she does get annoyed sometimes when somebody outsmarts her. She cares for her friends and will protect them at any cost; if she feels they're in danger, she'll get upset. She only lets her emotions get her if something really upsets her. It's rare that she ever gets angry, but when she does, watch out. She becomes out of control, and in her rage, allows a part of her to take that out-of-control control and attacks everything in her path (she won't remember it because her normal consious passes out while her sub-consious takes over).

History: Before the war, Amber had had a pretty normal life, aside from her EVO abilities. Her parents are very supportive of her, and love her dearly. She had foughts EVOs in her area under the name "Pyra", but she never went out of her city's limits to fight other EVOs. Just a year before the war, she was approached by Providence and brought under their wing, though unlike the other EVOs of Providence, she stays at her home. She does do to their HQ to train and assist on misisons. When Fuse attacked, she was one of the first to sign up. She had requested to be sent to the Darklands, but was denied. Not about to take no for an answer, she stole a jumpjet and went to Darklands. She had been apart of the Battle of Heroes Hollow, but was forced to retreat, something she is still bitter over. She is stationed by Dino Pass, trying to keep the populations of the Fusions in the area to a minimum.
Nanos: No


Name: Aliisa Kirkland
Age: 31
Ethnicity: 1/2 Finnish, 1/2 British
Race: Human
Allegiance: Neutral
Origins: Magic User
Powers: School of Electro
Electro Strike: Aliisa shoots electric strikes from her hand to her opponent. Level: Medium
Zap: Aliisa is able to cause an electrical device to short-circuit. Level: Low
Lightning Call: Aliisa is able to control lightning and use it to her favor. Level: Medium
Lightning Fast: Alissa is able to travel through electrical current for up to 10 miles. Level: Low-Medium
Strengths: Unaffected by lightning; is well-rounded in subjects like history, math, science; and can play tennis
Weaknesses: Her English still needs work, and she sometimes mistakes words in American English. She is easily distracted by tarts.
Personality: Aliisa is a kind young lady who doesn't speak out against another person. She prides herself on her ettic. Because she's a teacher, she enjoys teaching, and can usually be found teaching. In fact, when something comes up, she explains what it is and why it is useful. Although some may think she's soft-spoken, she has a bit of a lashing tongue that is hidden amongst her sweetness.
History: Aliisa's mother is from Finland while her father is from the U.K., specifically England. Her family resides in Liverpool, while she has since moved to Endsville. She discovered her magic when she was a child. She had been hit but a lightning strike, but was unaffected. Her father deduced she was a magic user, and bought books to let her learn. Since then, she has become a teacher to train younger users to control their abilities. She barely pays attention to the war since her entire focus is on teaching.
Do you use nanos: No


Name: G'hirewlmok "Ghir"
Age: 500 (Looks 23)
Ethnicity: Tanned skin
Race: Alien
Allegiance: Good Guys
Origins: Alien
Powers: She has the ability to use and talk to plants.
Grow: Ghir grows the roots from the ground and uses them to attack or cover her retreat. Level: Medium
Talking: Ghir can talk to plants and hear them. Level: Low
Leaves: Ghir uses leaves like shurikens and throws them at her attacker. Level: Medium
Blending In: Ghir can morph her body, skin, hair, etc to look like a tree when she's pressed against it and blend in. Level: Low
Strengths: She's a great runner, can tell jokes, and hold her own in a fight.
Weaknesses: Her Earth language is rough, she doesn't understand Earth custom, and she can't use appliances.
Personality: Ghir is a very friendly Alien, though she's unaware about being too friendly. She hates appliances with a passion and she'll happily destroy them. She loves plants and the outdoors, and so she hates being in a home. She will react in anger when seeing plants treated so terribly.
History: Ghir comes from the planet Hue, a planet that is very green and very open. All the aliens have the abilities to speak with plants, and they happily collect one speicies of plants from each planet so that they can preserve them. Ghir requested to go to Earth, but was shot down. However, before the launch, she stole the ship and left on her own. Because she didn't know how to use the starcraft, she crash landed on Earth in Monkey Foothills, destroying the ship. Ghir traveled south to Mount Blackhead, where she currently resides.
Do you use nanos: No


Name: Lexann Arnold
Age: 17
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Race (If your OC is an alien): Human
Allegiance: Neutral
Origins: Human
Powers: None
Strengths: Logical mind, sharp tongue, and she can keep a level head.
Weaknesses: She's stubborn, ignorant, and she hates anyone that isn't human.
Personality: Lexann is pro-Human and anti-Everyone else. Despite her outwardly friendly appearance, she's actually a terror. She's very smart, but ignorant to the way of anyone who isn't human. She's also stubborn and will not listen to anyone who tries to correct her. She's able to keep her cool, which is quite surprising, but she isn't above punching another person.
History: Lexann comes from a middle-class family. Her parents love her and are there for her, which is why her anti-everyone surprises many people. She's never been bullied, beaten, or shaken up from anyone that wasn't human. Despite her hatred of Aliens, she won't support the war because she hates the fighters on the side. She lives in Orchid Bay with her parents.
Do you use nanos: No

-OCs who are Aliens, EVOs, Magic users, Demons, Cyborgs, or Imaginary Friends CANNOT use nanos.
Nanos cannot bond with an Alien since their bio-signatures throw the Nanos off. This is the same for Magic Users, Power Users, Cyborgs and Imaginary Friends.
The Activated Nanites in an EVO causes a molecular deconstruction in the Nanos.
-There are nano potions and gumballs in RP.
-Bonus and Scavenge are not used in the RP and Users can replace them with a random power.

Current listing of Nanos:
• The 56 Nanos (Click here to see their powers)
• Numbuh 274- Soopreme Leaduh Slam (Damage - Point); Galactic Spy (Sneak - Self); Teen Fighter (Damage - Area)
• Numbuh 362- Former Spy (Sneak - Self), Get to work!!! (Run - Group), Battle Stations! (Damage-Cone)
• Numbuh 86- Hot Head (Stun - Cone); coco Boys (Damage - Area); Tactical Officer (Guard - Group)
• Muriel- Courage Help! (Run- Group); Rolling pin smack- (Damage- area) Vinegar Tea- (Heal- group)
• Eustace- Sacar Mask (Stun- point); Mallet Mash (Drain- area); coco dog (Damage- point)
• Agent Six- Nanny Ninja (Damage - Point); Twin Blades (Stun - Cone); Nagging Mentor (Sleep - point)
• Bobo- Simian Slam (Damage - Cone); Master Prankster (Snare - Cone); Loyal to the End (Guard - Group)
• Brick- Flame Draw (Drain -area); Fire Breath (Damage - Cone); Pick’em up (Jump - self)
• Butch- Dome (Guard - self); Take’em back (recall - group;) Enemy watch (Radar - Group)
• Boomer- Flower saving- (Run -Group)’; Bat Charge- (revive - group); Leave’em be (Freedom - group)
• Computress- AI (Freedom - Self); My Scanners Report (Radar); Forewoman (Snare - Area)
• Olga- Dancing spin (Damage - point); Brotherly Hate (Stun - cone) Good Rival- (snare - point)
• Lazlo- Jelly Bean Love (Health - Area); Free Thinking (Freedom - Group); Imagination (Stun - Area)
• Raj- Future DJ (Antidote); Hygiene Freak (Leech - Point); My Hat! (Rocket - Self)
• Clam- Clam! (Damage - Area); Secretly Smart (Stun - Cone); Rhino Snare (Snare - Area)
• Mr. Green- Fresh Cookies (Heal - Self); Time out- (Stun: Area); Student Protection- (Guard)
• Fuzzy- Meat gun- (leech - point); Git off my proptey (Damage - cone); Rock throw (Recall- self)
• Mayor- Girl’s help! (Run -group); Vitapickle (Heal - group); Ms. Bellum (Leech -group)
• Dr. Holiday- Unlimited Ammo (Damage - cone); Check up (Heal - self); Nanite charge (revive - self)
• Herriman- Funny Bunny (Jump - Group); Strict to the Rules (Snare - Cone); Head of the House (Guard - Group)
• Madame Foster- Granny Ninja (Damage - Area); Caring Soul (Freedom - Self); Grandma’s Cookies (Health - Group)
• Frankie- So Much Work (Drain - Area); Caretaker (Freedom - Self); Goof Goof McGoof (Sneak - Self)
• Goo- Fast talker (Sleep - area); Over active imagination (Rocket - group); Shiny boots (run - self)
• Scotsman- Strange Legs (Jump - Self); 2nd Wanted (Run - Self); Taste My Blade (Damage - Area)
• Father- Fire Rage- (Damage - Cone); Rocky Road (Sleep - Cone) Crotchety (Stun - area)
• Princess- Pseudo Powerpuff (Leech - Point); In the Limelight (Radar); To the Bank (Run - Self)
• Numbuh 6- Cyborg (Damage - Point); Excellent Spy (Sneak - Self); Enhancement (Run - Group)
• Gwen- Mana Siphon (Drain - point); Mana shield (guard - self); Mana infusion (revive - self)

Though Fuse is the main enemy threatening the world, the battle between the Heroes and Villains had not been dropped so easily. This battle has now been influenced and sent to the soldiers of the war. Picking a side for whatever reason the negative emotions of mistrust and hate have now spread to the soldiers in this war, being recognized by their differences through gear and their nanocom statuses of Hero and Villain. This has also created a bitter rivalry between the two sides, adding an extra boost to the soldiers morale and enthusiasm in their missions in order to pass the other team. But the main concern on some heroes and villains minds is what happens after the war. Will they head into another war amongst themselves or will something worse occur?
*You must pick a side and depending on what side you pick whom you work with is also decided.

The Heroes- Obvious by the name you side with the heroes. You fight to protect those who can’t protect themselves, and uphold truth and justice. Though some people amongst the rank of the Heroes have gone down the wrong path by doing some things worthy of being called a villain, such as taking a life. Your main job is protecting people and facing evil wherever it may lie.

The Neutral- You don’t pick either side, wishing to concentrate on Fuse and defeat him and his army. You are however, looked down by both sides for different reasons. Heroes still associate with you and when creating friendships are wary of you due to the possibility of you being a spy. The Villains see you as weak and someone they can step on. They rarely associate with you and your kin due to the possibility of you being a spy but use you, bribing you with large sums of money to do various jobs that The Heroes would thwart if one of their own would try to do the assignment.

The Villains- You fight for the side of evil. Crimes that range from petty thievery to domination of the world, your reasons are your own and treachery and deceit are commonplace among your kin. You may wish to ascend the ladder of villainy by betraying your teachers, comrades, and dearest friends alike or maybe you’ve been hurt and wish for payback against the world or specific hero or villain who caused you harm in some way. Whatever the reason you may see The Villains as a family, friends, or just pawns. Your main job, achieve your goals and crushing and manipulating people along the way.
How to prevent really annoying OCs

Well this has come up recently and we want to prevent anyone from being left out of the RP because of this. If an OC is really really annoying, it will turn a person off and thus that OC will not have many interactions.

Ways to fix or to prevent this from happening.

1) Character development can be used to change the character in a positive way, even if that character is evil. It has to be done so that the annoyingness factor drops.

2) Don't suddenly decide to have a character act differently to just annoy RPCs, even if its you trying to get something from them.. That will backfire and result in that RPC not liking you or helping you from then on. If its a RPC you already hate, that is a different story.

3) Do not attempt to pull off a Princess; imitators never work.

4) Do not have your OC be a know-it-all. They are annoying and will find themselves kicked eventually. Note: know-it-alls and intellectuals are two separate things, so please know the difference.

I will add more as I think of them.
The Do's and Dont's

Powers: This is a major no. We do not want powers ripped from any character since it won't feel original. Like a flame user using like six powers from fairy tail. Also, do not take signature moves from another character and use it as your own. Obviously we'll be able to backtrack them to the original character given the fact that they are the character's signature move (Ex: Sasuke's Sharigan (this also applies to looks, btw) or Zatch's Zakeru).

Looks: If you have your character look exactly like say Naruto, that's a no. Even something like the eyes from another series won't be tolerated.

Backstories: For the love of God, please be original. Do not just take a background from an already made character and claim it as your own. Obviously by this point, backgrounds are going to be similar. Here's an example of a no-no:
Example: "[Character] lost [his/her] parents when [he/she] was only 8. Since then, [he/she] grew up to a broody millionaire after inheriting [his/her] parent's money and used it to become a vigilantee over a rather terrible city.

Obviously, you can see the Batman in it. Here's an example of a backstory with Batman as a reference.
Example: "[Character] had lost [his/her] parents at a young age. Since then, [he/she] grew up with a distrust of people, never allowing people to get too close in a fear that [he/she] would lose them like [he/she] lost their parents. [He/she] grew protective of children, however, and vowed to never let another child grow up without a parent just like [he/she] did.

Personality: We don't want to see an original character that has an exact same personality as another. Like how Susake act in demeanor or how someone like Italy acts in Hetalia. They need to be their own person.
*2032 October 7th- Holden comes under the care of The Professor.
*2040 July 7th- The Nanite Event occurs, infecting everybody on the planet with Nanites.
*2042 February 12th- After a battle with Mojo Jojo, Buttercup was knocked into the sea and went missing.
*2042 June 20th- The astrologists on the Moonbase discovered something on their radar. It was sent to Dexter, who pushed the info aside because he didn’t consider the KND’s information important.
*2042 November 12th- A piece of Aku’s fragment was discovered in the Fissure.
*2043 March 23rd- Contact with the Moonbase is lost and Fuse Begins his Invasion on the Earth began. Heroes of Earth defend it to the best of their abilities but Fuse’s infection had begun.
*2043 March 24th- Dexter calls a meeting and arranges a press conference.
*2043 March 25th- Recruits are signed up to face the war. Dexter sends Holden to install the first of the defenses on impacted areas now known as Infected Zones. Squads have been set up by Dexter.
*2043 March 31st- An initial against Fuse’s invading army had begun and The Academy had been created for new recruits.
*2043 April 1st- Fuse entraps Megas and The Dynamo in Fusion Matter. The Dynamo was shipped out to a remote location where it would not cause harm while the Fusion Matter was being removed.
*2043 April 2nd- At 3:23am, Fuse launched a surprise attack on the Spaceport, turning it into a Infected Zone rendering it useless.
*2043 April 9th- The first huge battle in the war against Fuse; Fuse did a bold move by sending a large force through the Darklands to take over Mandark’s Warship. A line was crossed at Dinosaur Pass but the forces would have been quickly overwhelmed if not for the following individuals: Samurai Jack, Connor Linus, Ben Tennyson, Tetrax, and Bubbles. They not only stopped a blow that would have harmed the war effort but increased morale at the same time. With this in mind, a channel was made for the war effort following various heroes and their activities in the war.
*2043 April 24th- Contact with the Moonbase is re-established. A rescue team is sent up to rescue the people onboard using the EVO Breach’s teleporting power amplified by one Van Kleiss’s creations. The rescue operation led by Connor Linus, rescued the KND operatives on the Moonbase, while also deleting its database in hopes of stopping Fuse from retrieving anymore data.
*2043 April 27th- Fuse uses the data he retrieved from the Moonbase to deal damage against some the KND and its villains. Striking at supposedly secret KND outposts such as the Arctic Base, as well as destroying Father and Stickybeard’s operations.
*2043 April 29th- Hoss and Eris reunite and begin dating again. Eris also promises to tone back on the chaos she caused and has joined the fight with Fuse.
*2043 May 12th- The battle of Heroes Hollow began in at 9:22am with a attack at Dexter’s carrier. Various Heroes participated in the battle but even so the battle was lost due to a system malfunction caused by the imaginary friend Cheese on Dexter’s Warship.
*2043 May 20th- The first nano appeared and Dexter began his research into nanos.
*2043 May 21st through May 28th- Dexter understood the creation process of nanos and it was quickly mass produced. The great machines was created and everyone minus EVOs, Aliens, Magical Users, and other beings with super powers could use nanos.
*2043 - 2045- War has continued on with no sign of a winner. Fusions have multiplied by the hundreds. Heroes like Major Glory have gone missing, prompting Dexter to send warriors out to find them. Buttercup, going under the alias Belladonna after she lost her memory, suddenly regains it and returns to her Powerpuff Girl status. Holden is sent to Los Soledad to place up an infected zone shield, but is taken down by Tessa. Tessa later reveals Holden’s past and causes him to remember that terrible darkness he was in.
*2045 March 23rd- A memorial is created for the strife and turmoil that has harmed everyone in this war. To the fallen and their loved ones, a memorial was made in Hero’s Square to all who had fallen and to all who died fighting. The memorial is a scarred boulder that had protected a squad of soldiers whom their commanding officer sacrificed his life to protect them.

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