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What makes a good MMO - FusionFall R

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What makes a good MMO - FusionFall R

Post  Taluring on Tue Jun 18, 2013 5:47 pm

Can ya tell the reason why I hosted this here??? Neutral

Anywayz, The...........girl.........isnt the reason why I posted this here. Its what is said in the video that is the point.

This is a review by a Game reviewer called Angry Joe.

He is known for........well.......being rather livid during craptascular Game reviews.
I watched this a couple of days ago and I noticed that alot of this could pretain to what we try to toss around with our idea of a Private FusionFall server....and maybe if we wish upon a star....our own FANRUN FusionFall Server.

If it doesnt start where I had it placed, skip to 24:56.
This is where they sumarize what they like about the game. To sumarize what THEY sumarize, Its rather generic. I was actually surprised how much the gameplay has in common with FusionFall.

Its interesting to see that they have the same opinion that I have about MMO gameplay. I never did like the point-n-click of the FusionFall gameplay. I know that it has to be easy for kids..............but JEEZ MAN.........does it have to be THAT EASY???


The goal for the FusionFall R server was to simply provide the maintenance the game is lacking.

Any added In Game content would have to be set to the WAAAAAAY SIDE since that kind of thing takes time.

Also, If you lose a bit of interest skip again to 28:37  or 29:32 for their opinion on what makes a great MMO.

If any one of us has any hope to turn this into more than just a pipe dream, we should give this some more research and thought. For right now, its just an Idea we're throwing around.


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Re: What makes a good MMO - FusionFall R

Post  XLR8 147 on Wed Jun 19, 2013 12:03 am

I think this thread deserves a PG thread. (Deserves more views even without the video.)
I'll make a thread on XFF.

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